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Darwen Luminaire ------->




The Darwen Luminaire is suitable for internal emergency applications, including defined escape routes. The weatherproof version has an IP65 rating making it suitable for both internal and external use with the added benefit of a screw fixing diffuser for added security.
The Protec Pro-linear lens system optimises light distribution to maximise luminaire spacing and reduce installation costs.

  • Surface or semi-recessed mountable
  • Internal and weatherproof external models available
  • IP65 rating
  • Pro-linear lens optimises light distribution
  • Cable entry on each end with BESA in rear and cable channel for through wiring
  • End entry clips to accept mini trunking and improve aesthetics
  • Available in maintained, non-maintained, central battery and mains only versions
  • Compatible with Protec AL255 Automatic
    Addressable Testing System



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