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EXT 301 Extinguishant Control Panel ------->


The EXT301 Extinguishant Control Panel provides an economic solution for all extinguishant systems. Equally suitable for small installations or those requiring the more complex features of controlled shutdown of plant and remote signalling.

Designed and manufactured in a quality controlled environment and meeting all the appropriate standards, the EXT301 offers outstanding value with all the features normally associated with more costly equipment.

Housed in attractive surface or flush mounting enclosures with a choice of standard colours, the EXT301 provides industry standard control of all modern extinguishants in a simple and effective format.

To complement the control panel, an extensive range of remote controls and extinguishant system status units are available.

These begin with a simple ‘extinguishant hold off’ push button unit and conclude with a five lamp status unit with mode select and manual release controls.


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