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Protec's new Exitplus has been specifically designed to provide a clearly defined and unambiguous indication of the escape route from a building during mains failure, in accordance with BS 5266 part 1, 1988.
The luminaire additionally provides excellent downlight to illuminate the exit door and escape route area around the luminaire.
The exit sign legend is screen printed onto a polycarbonate inner plate for improved quality and clarity.  The legend panel is secured to the inside of the diffuser to avoid damage to the fascia.  A range of legends are available for use with the Exitplus

  • Combined illuminated 'Exit' plus 'Emergency Lighting' luminaire
  • Direct illumination of exit door and immediate escape route area
  • Fewer luminaires required, reducing installation cost
  • Cable entry via BESA in rear and 20mm top entry
  • Manufactured to EN 60598:2.22
  • Compatible with the AL255 Addressable Emergency Lighting System



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