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The 'Self Test' emergency lighting system comprises of self contained emergency lighting luminaires which each have an in-built microprocessor to carry out a pre-programmed testing regime independent of each other. Luminaire status and test results are provided using a combination of three LED indicators, RED, YELLOW and GREEN.
The 'Self Test' feature is available for most of the Protec range of self contained emergency lighting luminaires, including the Darwen, Marsden, Ribble, Powerflood and Exitplus ranges.

Operation The system is designed to carry out discharge tests in accordance with BS 5266 and proposed amendment to EN 60598.2.22 with respect to 'Automatic test devices for emergency lighting' .

Scheduled Tests

Monthly -      5 minute duration discharge self test

6 Monthly -   1/3 full rated duration (1 hour) discharge self test

12 Monthly - Full rated duration (3 hours) discharge self test


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