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Protec’s security/CCTV expertise provides observation solutions for any environment. The latest CCD chip camera technology gives high resolution video images in all situations, including night vision. Systems can be individually tailored for a wide variety of applications - Internal Surveillance for industrial process monitoring, warehousing, retail security, personal protection (cash office/till/cash point protection), leisure facilities, hotels, sports areas, gymnasiums, health and safety reasons. etc.
External Surveillance for city centres, shopping malls, perimeter security; hotel exteriors and car parks, public car parks and ground control situations (football stadia, nightclubs) etc.

Systems incorporate the latest colour/monochrome cameras which offer a full range of functions (pan, tilt, zoom, etc). Multiplexers can be used which allow several cameras to record simultaneously on to VCR tapes or hard disk with a time and date imprint; provision of which can aid legal action. Protec also provide a full range of monitors, telemetry controllers, matrixes and consoles to suit each individual situation.

We supply the very latest Dome Camera Technology and ancillary control equipment for applications which may require fast tracking of image and pre-set touring. This equipment features ‘privacy zones’ eliminating unwanted intrusion, and ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act, a mandatory requirement.

Remote monitoring of sites can be achieved via ISDN, PSTN lines or cost efficient Web browser packages. We supply a full range of Remote Monitoring equipment which offers full control, recording and alarm detection of sites anywhere in Europe. Our emphasis on the selection of our portfolio of CCTV Systems is based upon ease of use and cost effectiveness. Protec are accredited with NACOSS approval for the Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of CCTV Systems.