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3000 LED ------->


The unique Protec 3000/LED utilises a high intensity flashing beacon array. This arrangement simplifies installation and considerably improves the aesthetic appearance compared to the more costly and cumbersome alternatives. The 3000/LED is the latest addition to the range of audio/visual devices offered by Protec.

The 3000/LED has 18 high intensity LEDs, switch selectable for flash rate (fast 1Hz or slow 0.5Hz) and intensity. Designed to comply to all relevant CE and LVD standards.

The 3000/LED is available in a choice of lens and backbox colours and has an IP65 rating making the product suitable for mounting internally or externally.

The 3000/LED/RED is an ideal addition to any fire alarm system providing a clear indication of a fire alarm, for users with hearing impairment.


3000 LED

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