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The low profile conventional optical heat detector provides efficient reliable detection utilising the light scatter sensing principle with rapid response to fire, whilst drastically reducing common false alarm problems to which optical only detectors may be susceptible.
The detector incorporates a dual alarm verification function, which is designed to give maximum sensitivity to smoke detection, with high resistance to false alarms due to high air velocity, insects, dust and R.F interference.

Providing early warning of a fire condition for all types of fire, the 3000/OPHT is an ideal general purpose fire detector for offices, shops, corridors, factories, warehouses and computer rooms

Approved to EN54 Part 7 : 2000, EN54 Part 5 : 2000 Grade A2, CEA 4021 : 1999 - 06 by Loss Prevention Certification Board Ref No 201h/02


6000 OPHT

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