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3200 Control Panel ------->


The 3200 series non-addressable control panel has been designed to provide a simple, user-friendy solution, with inbuilt flexibility. With 2 detection zones in the 3200 panel is ideally suited to buildings such as Industrial Units and Retail Units.


Ability to distinguish between manual or automatic device activation using Protec 3100/MCP manual call points and 3000 series conventional detectors.

Coincidence on zones programmable. (Both zones must activate together to trigger panel). A default time-out is given if only one coincidence zone activates.

Non-latching zones. Zones may be programmed non-latching.
Panel resets when cause of the fire is cleared. Global fire contacts do not activate.

Zone disablements - Zones can be disabled to prevent faults
and fire activations.

Zonal test - Programmable. When triggered, operates alarm outputs for 4 seconds, then resets panel. Only one zone at a time can be tested by the user.

The 3200 fire alarm control panel complies with EN54 Parts 2 and 4.


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