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Cost Effective - Distributed network of Display and Control Nodes (DCN's) and Loop Processing Nodes (LPN's) providing a cost effective solution for medium and large sized buildings and sites.

Design Flexibility - System design and expansion is easily achieved as a combination of up to 100 nodes can be networked to suit the site for economic wiring and operational convenience.

Secure Network - Wired as a loop, the network's dual channel RS485 link ensures that no single fault will affect the system.


6400 Literature

Operating Manual

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Easy to Install - An extensive range comprising Loop Powered Alarm Sounders, Beacons, Interfaces, Manual Call Points and Sensors can all be connected to the nearest Loop Processing Node (LPN) using a single 2-core cable for each of the high capacity Loops (up to 4), accommodating up to 127 devices per Loop.

Reduced False Alarms - The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 interactive fire sensors utilise advanced discriminating algorithms for maximum reliability and immunity to false alarms. The Protec Algo-Tec 6000 environmental conditioning algorithms can be programmed for each device and application, e.g.; Bedroom Mode selected for an optical heat sensor to filter unwanted alarms from occasional cigarette smoke, aerosols or steam from a shower.

Enhanced Performance - The Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 sensors learn from their environment, applying interactive decision making algorithms to provide stability, threshold compensation and optimised performance.

Secure Detection Loops - Many Protec Algo-Tec™ 6000 devices incorporate built-in short circuit isolator units. These can be located as required.

Easy to Address - 'FAST' addressing (Firmware Addressed Secure Technology). Every device is manufactured with a unique serial number.

No More Address DIL Switches - 'FAST' addressing ELIMINATES troublesome and time consuming setting of address cards and DIL switches, preventing double addressing and costly re-addressing of devices.

Devices Display Address Number - 'RVAV' Remote Visual Address Verification. Confirmation of the correct location of each device can be easily identified, using the devices in-built LED to indicate the device address number.

True System Management - As each device incorporates a unique 'FAST' serial number encoded during manufacture, TRUE SYSTEM MANAGEMENT is achievable, providing precise DEVICE history in addition to LOCATION history for a specific site system and total traceability of all devices manufactured from our commissioning files for quality management.

Reduced Maintenance Costs - Early indication and reporting of sensors approaching contamination level reduce false alarms and enable maintenance resources to be reduced to only cleaning sensors in need of attention and not all sensors routinely. Return visits are also reduced as sensors likely to require attention prior to the next scheduled visit can also be actioned. Reducing costs and enhancing reliability.

Accurate Location of Fire Incidents - 16 characters of loop location text plus 60 characters of device location text ensure pinpoint accuracy of the location of an incident. A further 60 characters of alarm message text provide additional details of possible hazards and/or means of access.

Full Site Control - All system controls and menus can be accessed from any Display and control Node (DCN) location, including device isolation.

Designed to EN54 parts 2 & 4
Dimensions 440W x 385H x 144D