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3000 SSR ------->


The 3000/SSR high output electronic sounder designed by Protec in house developers, utilises a Piezo driver unit to enable high sound output and very low current consumption. With two base options and improved aesthetic appearance the 3000/SSR simplifies the
installation of the device.

The 3000/SSR has a typical sound output of 100dB(A) at 1m with DIL switch selectable tones and volume. There are 9 different tones to choose from. Volume can be adjusted between 100, 85 and 80 dB(A). The Sounder operates at 24V DC and is suppressed and polarised.

Designed to comply to all relevant CE and LVD standards. Available in either Red or White body colours, and an optional deep base to allow surface mounted cable to be terminated directly into the sounder, the 3000/SSR has an IP65 rating making the product suitable for mounting internally or externally.

3000 SSR

3000/SSR Literature